Executive Board

Officer’s List

President:  Jean Jones 918-978-5999
Email:  president@unionsoccerclub.org

Vice President:  Jason Douglass 918-565-0783
Email:  fields@unionsoccerclub.org

Scheduler:  Sam Payne 918-519-5756
Email:  schedule@unionsoccerclub.org

Secretary:  Vanessa Douglass 918-406-2998
Email:  secretary@unionsoccerclub.org

Treasurer:  Abbie Payne 417-849-2687
Email:  treasurer@unionsoccerclub.org

Competitive Commissioner:  Tina Robinson 918-289-1372
Email:  compcomm@unionsoccerclub.org

Area Referee:  Nathan Culberson 918-344-4665
Email:  arearef@unionsoccerclub.org

Registrar:  Open

Head Coach:  Daniel Castell 918-527-7925
Email:  headcoach@unionsoccerclub.org

Tournament Director:  Aaron Sanders 918-688-8220
Email:  tournament@unionsoccerclub.org

Officer Manager:  Jean Jones 918-978-5999
Email:  jeanmjones12@yahoo.com

Concession Manager:  Jean Jones 918-978-5999
Email:  jeanmjones12@yahoo.com

Field Rental:  Front Desk 918-665-9339
Email:  info@unionsoccerclub.org

Becoming an Executive Board Officer

The nomination form for becoming an officer on the Executive Board can be downloaded from the website and submitted back to the board after it is filled out. Email to info@unionsoccerclub.org.