Game Reschedule/ Cancellation Policy

  • The team requesting the reschedule MUST follow the reschedule Policy of the HOME Team
  • The HOME team must request the reschedule and will be made via email to
  • The Must include representatives of both teams acknowledging the agreement of reschedule or cancelation as well as the game date, game time, and game number of the original scheduled game
  • The reschedule request is not made a minimum of 5 days prior to planned kick off
  • If a reschedule request is not made within the 5 day window of the planned kick-off, the team requesting the reschedule will be required to pay the referee fees before a game will rescheduled
  • Games should be rescheduled within 7 days of initial cancelation
  • While every reasonable attempt will be made to accommodate all written reschedule or cancelation requests; it should be understood this is only a request, and there shall be no guarantee, expected or implied, of accommodation until the team representatives have received confirmation via email correspondence from the clubs field scheduler.